An Open Letter to the Promoter of SS4INA and ELF

This letter is written by TwELFs and Sujunesia. What we state in this letter are facts. We don’t have any intention to slander anyone. We are merely conveying our critics and input as well as a clarification to all ELF who have been in contact with us for the last month.

In regards to what happened during tickets redemption, we were told that there would be a booth for us to distribute the tickets. On the 26th of April, we had asked the location of the booth, but none of the staff knew where it was. On the 27th, it turned out that there was no booth for us, forcing us to distribute the tickets in a commercial café. Later, the security told us to move out, but they were kind enough to relocate us to the marketing office of Ancol. In the afternoon, there was finally news about our booth, which was located on a side of a road and we thought that it wasn’t a decent enough location, considering the number of people that were going to redeem their tickets through us. After the first concert, we asked for a spot in an empty parking field and they said yes. The next day, our booth was still not ready by 8 am and we were told that they had set up a booth for us in KPopLand, where all of the official booths were located. We were set behind the stage and the people from Rajawali helped us through everything, especially in maintaining the queue. On the last day of the concert, our booth was empty. There was no staff at all to assist us in anything, while on the other hand, the queue was already very long. In the end, it was the people from KPopLand and Rajawali who helped us to distribute the tickets. They had been very helpful, while none of the promoter’s staff visited us to check things out. Not even to offer us any drinks or food. Since day one.

Regarding the tickets, the promoter had a system that the tickets could only be given a day before the concert. So on the 26th, we took the tickets for the 27th. Since there were only around 200 tickets for the 27th April concert, there wasn’t any major problem. Then we tried to get the 1,500 tickets for the 28th April concert. We met them at midnight after the concert and they said that the tickets weren’t sorted out yet. We told them that we’d wait, because we still had to sort out the tickets again for each provinces. We finally got our tickets at 4 in the morning. We were also given additional holograms to be stuck on the tickets, a new system they just made up due to the many illegally copied tickets in the first concert. We spent the rest of dawn to stick a hologram in each ticket, resulting in our late opening of the booth in the morning of 28th April. Lesson learned, we asked so that our tickets could be prioritized to make tickets distribution on April 29th smoother. What happened was, on 29th morning, our 1,600 tickets were still not released. They were released around 8 am and still we had to put a hologram sticker on all of them. We finally opened our booth 2 hours later from the announced schedule. Even then, we still didn’t get all of the tickets that we needed. There was still a number of Junior VIP L seating tickets that we still needed and we kept asking them to release the tickets soon. In the end, they told us that the particular tickets were seats which faced the wall, and they’d feel bad if they release them to us. So they upgraded those tickets into Super Fest H. There was nothing we could do about it, for it was beyond our authority.

Our ticket distribution went haywire due to the lack of information around the venue. Even though the promoter had been mentioning us numerous times during the press conference and on Twitter, apparently the staff didn’t know that we existed. People had a hard time finding our booth, and there was no information booth either in the venue.

Through this open letter, we’d like to convey our deepest apology to each and every ELF for the inconvenience we had caused. We are very, very, very sorry. We have tried our best, and we are aware of our mistakes during the whole Ticket Coordination. We admit our mistakes whole-heartedly. To any ELF who had been having problems with their provincial administrators, we also apologize. Yes, we are the one who selected these volunteers and it’s our fault for any wrongs they had done. However, please note that all of these provincial administrators have also done their best. None of us are getting paid for this. We did this because we are ELF and that’s it.

We’d also like to thank a number of people who have helped us through this roller coaster ride. We’d like to thank Mei who has given us a chance to be actively involved in Super Show 4 Indonesia. You should know that she is the ELF who has done her hardest to negotiate and bring Super Junior to Indonesia. Next, we’d like to thank each and every provincial and oversea administrators for helping us in coordinating the tickets. We can never thank you enough. We deeply apologize for any wrongs we have done towards you. We’re very sorry. We appreciate your help very much and we will never forget this ever. We also apologize that we didn’t have the time to chat more with you when we met in the venue, because we were busy distributing the tickets. We hope someday in the future, we can meet again and have a proper chat and spaz with each other. Then we’d like to thank the whole Rajawali and Mata Elang staff that were very helpful during the ticket distribution. Without them all, it would be chaos in KPopLand. Even with no early coordination or instruction from the promoter, they still helped us and they were very quick in deciding the necessary things to do. We’re very sorry we couldn’t get you any food nor drinks during the hungriest time of the day, because we didn’t get any food or drinks either. We know you’re very tired, that’s why we really appreciate your help. Of course we’d also like to thank our friends who had helped us during the ticket distribution as additional manpower. We apologize for there’s nothing we can give you and we thank you so much for helping us in such short notice. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Last but not least, we’d like to thank each and every ELF who have supported us through the whole thing, be it physically or morally. We wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t because of your support since the very beginning. We apologize for any emails and mentions unreplied. Please note that we do read them all. We know that there is still a lot of you disappointed in us and we apologize once again. For any of you who have bought tickets from us and ended up not seeing the concert, please send an email to and we’ll try our best to seek a refund of your money to the promoter. We apologize again for the lack of promise we can give you in regards to this matter.

To the promoter, we never asked for a hotel room near the venue, we never asked any budget for food, transport, and telephone. We didn’t even ask for the media passes that you gave us, which in the end couldn’t be used anyway. We could get our own room, which in the end we did; we could get our own food; we were even going to buy our own tickets. All we asked of you was a decent access to distribute the tickets you had entrusted to us. That’s all.

Well, lesson learned. To all promoters, if you plan to take a fanbase in a partnership and ask them to work, give them decent facilities and access to get the work done. If you can’t give them such thing, it’d be better if you don’t take their hands in the first place. To all fanbases, if you plan to work together with a promoter, for whatever job description, no matter how small, ask for a contract. Just because you’re a fan, it doesn’t mean you’d do anything for your favorite artists. You’re still an ordinary human being with basic needs.

This is the end of our open letter and we hope we have clarified everything on our part. For anything else, please ask the promoter, because outside of Ticket Coordination, it is beyond our authority and we don’t know anything about it either.

Thank you.

TwELFs and Sujunesia

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