{NEWS} 120326 Super Junior Shindong Transforms into Big Bang G-Dragon?!

On March 25, Super Junior’s Shindong shared a photo that amused both Super Junior and Big Bang fans. He tweeted,

“Wow! Fantastic Baby! Dong Dragon! (GD SORRY).”

He also attached a photo of himself donning a “similar” hairstyle to G-Dragon’s.

In the photo, Shindong wore his cap backwards and attached a long strand of toilet paper to one side of his face. He tried to recreate G-Dragon’s latest hairstyle, where he has his long hair down on one side.

Netizens commented, “Last time, it was HyunA. Now, it’s GD!” “Shindong is so funny! Imitating all the other celebs,” “Someone should imitate Shindong,” and more.


Source: Korean Media
English translation: Soompi
Shared at TwELFs.com

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