{NEWS} 120302 Super Junior’s Leeteuk climbs 4 meters up a rope

Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk recently showed off his strong arms on a TV show.

Leeteuk, who emcees SBS’s show Star King, recorded the episode ‘Master of Horizontal Bar’ of the show and climbed more than 4 meters up a rope.

Kwon Ill Shik, 64 years old man, appeared on the show and climbed up an 8 meters rope only with his arms. Then Leeteuk thrust a challenge at him.

As soon as Leeteuk grabbed the rope, he surprised the entire crew by climbing up a rope so easily like a monkey.

Even though Boom, another MC for the show, is older than Leeteuk, he fell on to his knees and admired Leeteuk by saying, “Big brother!”

The show will air on March 3 at 6:30 p.m.

Source: XportsNews
English translation: Korea.com
Shared at TwELFs.com


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