{NEWS} 110826 Super Junior’s Shindong revealed his dream girl

Super Junior member Shindong dressed up like a girl recently, and his girly appearance has captured a lot of attention.

On the 25th, Shindong uploaded a picture to his Twitter account with a caption: [block]“I have finally met my dream girl. Pretty, pretty~”[/block]

In the picture, the woman with curls and floral accessories caught many people’s attention. Shindong’s dream girl isn’t anyone, but “herself.”

Many netizens who viewed the picture made comments, such as “Dressing up as a girl suits Shindong~ Shindong looks more confident after losing weight~,” “It seems like Shindong is the only one who likes it.” and “Is this really Shindong’s ideal girl?” and more.

Meanwhile, Super Junior is in the midst of promoting their new song “Mr. Simple.”


Source: KoreaStarDaily
English Translation: EVANGELINEZXC @ Super-Legacy.com
Edited by: κяìssⓐsaυя @ SUPER-LEGACY.COM

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