{NEWS} 110819 Super Junior M’s fanmeeting was a success in Beijing

Super Junior M’s fanmeeting which was held in Beijing, China, was a huge success

The fanmeeting that gathered 5000 fans last Thursday in Beijing was a blast and the members of the group claimed they had a wonderful time with their fans. Chinese fans gave so much love for SJ-M’s latest album “Tai Wan Mei” (Perfection).

The group performed their hit songs in the event including but not limited to ‘Destiny’, ‘Love is Sweet’, and ‘Super Girl’. Their energetic performances captivated fans who filled the venue with loud cheering.

Each of the members had their own solo stage. Kyuhyun emerged on stage with his sweet ballad song “If You Have Heard”; Henry performed “Confession” and Ryeowook with his “I Only Care About You”. Donghae and Ryeowook later had a duet, singing the song “Right Now”; Zhoumi sang “When” while Sungmin enchanted the audiences with “It’s Unfortunately Not You”. Siwon’s solo choice was “Promised Happiness”, while Eunhyuk opted for a dance stage.

During the event, the members made use of the rare opportunity to chat with fans about different cities in China such as Beijing, Shanghai, Xian etc and presented autographed posters and CDs to fans.

Meanwhile, the Japanese version of Perfection is scheduled to launch on the 24th of August.


Source: Naeil
English Translation: aekyufied (Diana Timbol) @ super-legacy.com
Edited by: Dea @ Super-Legacy.com | TwELFs.com

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