{NEWS} 100823 SuJu Shindong confessed to having double eyelid surgery

Super Junior’s member, Shindong, recently confessed that he has done double eyelid surgery.

On the 22th, Shindong posted in his twitter:

[block]“Bwahaha! The reaction is good, thank you everyone. It seems that I made the right choice. It’s been a while now, and everyone’s reactions to it have been positive. Thank you everyone. I’m happy to hear that I’ve become handsome on stage. It’s going to be interesting in variety shows. It seems that I will work harder to be slimmer. Hehe, everyone, THANK YOU!”[/block]

Shindong, looking more attractive with his double eyelids as he’s also on a diet, has attracted many people’s attention. He has even been labeled as a “V shape pretty boy.”

Thus, a few of the netizens started to actually suspect that he had gotten the double eyelid surgery.

After Shindong’s brave confession, netizens commented: “I wasn’t aware of this before, but the results of the double eyelid surgery are good!”, “Now what’s left is for him to slim down!”, “Shindong’s double eyelids resulted in him becoming a pretty boy!” Along with many other hot responses.

Shindong’s brave confession of doing the double eyelid surgery has made people agree and comment on the fact that he’s a sincere and truthful guy.


Source: KoreaStarDaily
English Translation: Xiaosi @ SUPER-LEGACY.COM
Edited by: κяìssⓐsaυя @ SUPER-LEGACY.COM

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